Photography 'n things

Kathy Polo.

I'm currently a senior at Cazenovia College majoring in studio art with a concentration in photography and filling as many electives as possible with visual communications courses and anything to do with film studies.

"Design a concert poster that’s predominantly text-based for any band/artist you want"

I based this design on Mika’s “Blame It on the Girls” - hence the lyrics in the background and the color scheme based on colors used in the music video, which I probably watched about fifty times while making this and I’m still not over how beautifully shot it is :D

Literacy Poster

One of many posters made to promote reading while on display at the Cazenovia Public Library (which is where the call number for The Hobbit was taken from)

Self Portrait

Dragons in Alternative Processes
Van Dyke Brown prints on the left - various combination of Van Dyke Brown, Cyanotype, and Gum Bichromate on the right

Dragon Training 101

digital versions of what I’m printing with gum bichromate later today - although there’s technically three different dragon models this photo set is about two of them (as two of them look really alike and I edited one to make the second pair look similar)

Maddy - December 2012

Have a flying dalmatian photo manipulation :D